Redwood Automotive, Meet Our Team – JP in Customer Relations

Posted Monday, Feb 01, 2021

JP came to Redwood Automotive in the summer of 2020, during the height of COVID. Then he was a shy and extremely small kitten. He ran across Hartman Road, barely dodging traffic and frantically ran into the window of our showroom. The poor little guy continued to run into the windows before darting into our service garage. We searched and searched for him between the cars and around all the equipment but couldn’t find him. Since it was a hot summer day, we had many of the shop doors open and finally came to the conclusion that he had left the garage. Three days later our GM came in to get some paperwork caught up on a Sunday and she discovered the kitten was still in the garage; scared, hungry and meowing for attention. Since that moment, JP has been a permanent fixture at Redwood Auto!

At first, he would hide anytime a human came into the same room as him. He wouldn’t let anyone come near him, let alone pet him. As time went on, he became brave and trusting. Now he happily greets most of our customers when they enter our showroom. He can usually be found lounging on a car hood waiting for visitors.

Favorite Food: A sample of whatever the sales team is having for lunch

Favorite Car at Redwood Automotive: The classic yellow 1940 Buick Special in the showroom

Favorite Spot in Anderson: The showroom at Redwood Automotive, of course!

Fun Fact: JP loves to sing to his reflection